Talk and Demonstration by Beverley Fry

Wednesday 16th May 6.30-8pm in Street Gallery 18-19 Shoplatch, Shrewsbury. (underneath the Market Hall)

Beveryy Fry

Beverley will enjoy sharing with you some of her experiences from when she was invited to paint celebrity for Sky TV for their 2018 Portrait Artist of the Year programme. She will also talk about her approach to portraiture and people that vshe has had the good fortune to paint.

The talk will also include a short demonstration of how she makes a start towards a finished portrait.

Visual art Network members free Non-members £5

Portrait Drawing Workshop with Beverley Fry

Thursday 17th May 1.30-4.30pm in Street Gallery, 18-19 Shoplatch, Shrewsbury (underneath the Market Hall)

Finding form in portraiture

Artist Beverley Fry aims to help you to explore the basics in drawing a portrait using her own process.

 John at 4 Hours

Beverley says it helps to have a little experience of sketching but not essential as your hidden talents may just need to be explored and developed. She adds that the form of each persons head is unique and expresses their character.

'Making a start with charcoal on paper or canvas is one of the ways that I work as even though its dusty its a start and is also more fluid easy to correct, I can then move more easily into paint. It is a unique experience to paint a person direct from life but a little nerve racking too, especially if its a celebrity and you are being filmed by Sky T.V'.

At her 3 hour workshop, where you will get a taste of a way to make a start. It will be relaxed and enjoyable, and could set you on the road to becoming a portrait artist. You will need to bring an old shirt or apron, a sketch book with heavy paper size about A3 or A4, a box of charcoal, (of mixed sized sticks if possible), and a soft rubber.

Visual Art Network members £15 Non members £25

Booking essential for workshop - at the gallery or call 01743 790430

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